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The Information Technology (IT) world has evolved at an amazing speed over the last many years. With the continuous introduction of new technologies and innovation, the impact of IT on our daily life, work and society will become more prevalent and is beyond our imagination.

This New Digital Economy has caused major disruption to the ways we work, live and socialise. The power of IT nowadays are clearly evident by the way we do on-line purchases, booking hotel rooms, getting taxi, etc, etc. Government, companies and individuals will have to think differently, work differently in order to keep up with the fast pace of change.

Having been involved in IT business since late 1980s, the management team of ITSC has also evolved and transformed the company to become one of the leading IT service providers in Indonesia. Besides, being one of the most established Authorised Service Centres for many of the world leading IT vendors, ITSC also has the capabilities to provide professional services in technological areas related to Telecommunication, Fleet Management and IoT base devices.

With offices in over 34 provinces and a team of well trained engineers, ITSC has the resources and capabilities to support the needs and requirements of our customers in most parts of Indonesia, providing them with the highest level of customer services. Our ability to support the vast geographical coverage in Indonesia is further enhanced by our partnership with over 300 local IT companies.

As defined in our company philosophy, “Technology is a Tool, Great People make them better”, we will always strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations so as to provide the highest level of customers’ services to our customers.